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Auto & Truck Suspension Repairs

Have you noticed that the ride in your car has become a bit bumpy lately? As you take those turns, is your vehicle exaggerating the sensation of hugging the road just a little? The suspension in a vehicle is extremely important for several reasons. The primary parts that make up a suspension include shocks, struts, tie rods and control arms. If you don’t know what those parts are, then don’t worry about it. When you visit our professional auto shop, we explain everything to you and let you know how to keep a close eye on the suspension in your car.

The springs in your vehicle help the chassis to absorb the energy generated when your car is driving down the road. But your springs are not designed to be the thing that makes your car’s journey comfortable. If all you had was your springs, then your car would be bouncing all over the place. Your shocks and struts control the bounce of your vehicle and help to preserve your springs for many years. When all of these parts work together, you are provided with a smooth ride. When your shocks start to fail, you will notice every bump in the road.

So what does it take to maintain your car’s suspension? Our certified and professional technicians are
well-versed in how to maintain thousands of makes of foreign and domestic vehicles. You can rest assured that we have been offering the very best in vehicle suspension service for over 27 years. Our technicians can look your vehicle over and show you exactly what is going on with your suspension so that you understand how it works and what needs to be done to repair it.

We do not believe in leaving our customers in the dark and just throwing out estimates that you would have no confidence in. We show you what we have found and explain to you why some repairs are more important than others. We give you a written estimate and invite you to compare our service to any other company in the region. You will find that our openness and comprehensive estimates are unique among auto repair shops in the area. That is the way we have been doing business for over 27 years and it is the way we will always do business.

Our shop utilizes the latest in computer diagnostic equipment to help us identify issues with foreign and domestic vehicles. Is your vehicle a little older? That is not a problem. We have experience in dealing with foreign and domestic vehicles from any era. There is very little that we have not seen and there is not a problem we cannot solve. Our certified technicians are waiting to show you what is going on with your suspension and show you the quality products we carry that will help us to solve any of your suspension issues. Our parts and our work are guaranteed and we will also put that in writing. That is why you should trust us with your vehicle’s suspension.

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